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Expecting the Unexpected in Italy

The greatest joy of travel are those moments when you go, ‘Huh? I didn’t expect that’. On a recent stroll through Italy I was constantly surprised and my expectations and assumptions regularly challenged.

Perhaps this is more of a reflection of my own ignorance and biases, and this is what I found… Continue reading “Expecting the Unexpected in Italy”

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Airline Review – Cathay Pacific

Sometimes it feels like I am working my way through the entire range of airline brands in an effort to find a company who actually deliver what they promise.

And Cathay Pacific may be the one…

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Saint Bernard Dog sitting in from of Hospice

Going to the Dogs in Switzerland

When we think of Switzerland we naturally picture soaring snow-capped mountains, lush green fields, cows with cowbells, chocolate, watches and possibly, St Bernard dogs with their trusty brandy barrels fastened below their chins.

But did you know that the dogs have been named after their home? The Great Saint Bernard Pass.

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Pizza with black olives

The Italian Via Francigena – the Nuts and Bolts

Freshly home from the Italian section of the Via Francigena, I thought it might be timely to share the nuts and bolts of this pilgrimage route with those who may be considering a similar stroll.

It certainly was much harder than I expected, but it was amazing on a daily basis.

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Pre-Walk – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I would love to be one of those laid back, chilled out individuals.

One of those people who seem to cruise through life and things seem to effortlessly fall into place.

But, No. That’s just not me…

I am a planner, an organiser, and I try to cover every eventuality. This goes into overdrive when I am planning a long walk, but now that I have completed my fourth long distance stroll, I have finally identified the top five things I DON’T need to worry about. Continue reading “Pre-Walk – Don’t Worry, Be Happy”