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I am more that happy to chat about travel anytime.  Please message me via the form below and I will do my best to respond within the day…unless I am traveling of course! My response time may depend on my access to WIFI.

I would also love to chat to you about any travel opportunities you would like to share, especially if you would like someone to travel and write/review on your behalf. That is my dream!

Let’s chat! Have a great day and take care, Mel


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6 thoughts on “Contact Melanie

  1. Very interested in your Tuscan walk.


    1. Thanks Peggy. I will keep you posted or we can chat via email if you have specific questions. I intend to blog as I walk….if I have the energy!! 😉 Have a good day, Mel

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  2. you have found the purpose of the life!!!!!!

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