Three Capes Track, Tasmania – Day 4 & Final

At some ungodly hour of the night, I woke to hear the rain hammering on the tin roof of our hut. No amount of misplaced optimism on my behalf had been able to keep it away.

Oh well, time to break out the wet weather gear for our final day out on the Three Capes Track.

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Three Capes Track, Tasmania – Day 1

Watching the rain teem down and spatter against the glass walls of the café at Port Arthur Historic site, I was wondering what I had got myself into. The Optimist in me kicked in though knowing that the weather forecast said that rain was clearing from 1pm. I am so much of an Optimist that I still believe the predictions of Weather Forecasters!

Grab your backpack (and raincoat), we are off on Day 1 of the Three Capes Track.

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The Nuts & Bolts of the Three Capes Track, Tasmania

You and I are about to head off on a short-ish stroll and this one is an absolute stunner.

The weather gods smiled on us – most of the time – and it made for a glorious walking experience through the Australian bush and along some spectacular coastline.

Before we get too far down the track though, here is an introduction to the logistics of walking the Three Capes Track on the East coast of Tasmania.

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Port Arthur – Honouring our convict origins

Port Arthur looms large in the Aussie psyche. Maybe it is our convict heritage that keeps the connection strong or maybe our white-Australia history is so new and fresh, that we grab every opportunity that screams ‘history’ with both hands.

Port Arthur is the site of one of Australia’s most notorious penal colonies. Located 101km (by road) south-east of Hobart, on the Tasman peninsula, it was established as a ‘home away from home’ for some of Australia’s most committed criminals. Perhaps that should be changed to England’s most committed criminals, as the majority of the penitentiary’s residents were fully imported from the Mother Country.

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