Day 2 Via Francigena, Aosta to Chatillon, 32.2km

Date: Thursday 9 August
Distance to Rome: 63.2/1027km
Terrain: gloriously flat
Overnight: Monasterio Franciscani Cappuccini, €donation.
Feeling: absolutely knackered x 2

This was another huge day, but I ‘cheated’ today and instead of following the designated walking route, I got smart and followed the cycling route which hugged the river virtually all the way to Chatillon.

The very thought of yet more cruel climbs and descents brought tears to my eyes and I knew I physically could not tackle that sort of terrain today, without doing some sort of permanent damage to my legs. That may sound a tad dramatic, but the day was about preservation not recreation!

So with every muscle screaming I set off in the early morning light to make the most distance I could while it was still cool. Even at 6am it is around 17℃ and only gets warmer from there.

The scenery was quite beautiful as the path twisted and turned with the river. Unfortunately the valley is also dominated by a four lane autostrada, so as well as the constant roar of river water you have the constant roar of traffic.

Fellow walkers will know that at the end of a long walking day, your accommodation will always be located at the top of a very steep hill. Today was no different.

Unlike the Spanish caminos, the via Francigena does not have the same sort of albergue accommodation. Instead you get to stay at monasteries and convents. What this monastery lacked in sophistication they made up for with a warm welcome. However I am not sure whether you have ever tried to use a squat toilet when every leg muscle is screaming at you not to bend or move an inch. It is not a pretty sight, but you have to laugh…or at least grimace.

I shared my room with a drop dead gorgeous Italian man and a vivacious French woman. I left them to it to go out to dinner and I passed out with exhaustion!

Sorry, not many photos today. I just had to get the day done.

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18 thoughts on “Day 2 Via Francigena, Aosta to Chatillon, 32.2km

  1. Can only get better darlin. Good luck xx


  2. Sounds like a good start!


    1. A big start, that’s for sure! All in a day’s work for a mountain climber like you!


  3. gracethepilgrim August 13, 2018 — 4:36 am

    Oh, what a picture you’ve painted. A treat to have some eye candy at the end of the day 😉
    You should be feeling more like yourself by tomorrow. Go girl!


    1. It got even worse before it got better and will update tomorrow!


  4. Mel so pleased to hear this day was easier than that nightmare previously. Stunning photos though. So beautiful. Look after yourself you amazing woman.


  5. Make sure you don’t forget to stretch those legs. The last thing I ever wanted to do at the end of a long day hiking the AT was, well, anything at all, unless that thing involved sleep or eating everything in sight. But stretching really helps recover all that leg pain (especially those knees!). Rest up lady and hike happy! 😉


    1. Thanks for the advice. I try to rest my legs straight out at end of each day and drink as much fluid as I can. Beer included!

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  6. Miles ahead of the rest of us at home on the couch. One day at a time, one step at a time if necessary. You’ll find your rythym soon. Well done.


    1. Thanks Nella. Yes, practising just being in the moment and taking it one day at a time. Take care. X


  7. Take it easy or your. body might spit the dummy 😂


    1. So far everything hanging together in one piece! One used body with careful driver, only driven on Sundays!


  8. The first three days are of adaptation Mel, the pains are more intense, rest and do not abuse with the kilometers sometimes it’s better to rest one day more than to force …
    However, I am convinced that the peace that you breathe and the enchanting places you see are repaid by your efforts😊
    Have a nice day my dear Mel⚘


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