Day 22 Via Francigena, Avenza to Pietrasanta, 31km

Date: Friday 31 August
Distance covered to Rome: 590/1027km
Terrain: two stiff climbs and the rest doable.
Overnight: Casa Diocesana La Rocca, €10
Feeling: Tired, but surprisingly OK.

I was interested to see how the body pulled up this morning after such a big day yesterday. Other than being a bit tired, my legs were OK and ready to face another day. The good news is I only have another two +30km days to do over the next 18 days. Or perhaps I should just add here ‘that I know of’!

As I walked out of Avenza this morning I was teased with the perfume of freshly baked croissants! How cruel, but delicious at the same time. These sorts of walks really engage all the senses and smell is an important one. Yesterday it was the scent of apples as I walked past some orchards and then later today it was the smell of grapes being processed. There are also plenty of stinky smells I would prefer to avoid and I won’t plague you with them here.

All day today it was the sea on my right (about 10km away) and grape vines terraced up to the sky on my left. Another engineering masterpiece and would give the grape pickers a serious workout!

The region is also marble country – think Carrara marble. I haven’t walked through Carrara, but it is not far away. I was fascinated to walk past many industrial yards with marble blocks and slabs aplenty. I even saw a machine in the process of slicing a block into slabs. Yes, I know I am easily amused!

Just resting the legs now and then later I will head out to explore. Pietransanta looks like an amazing town with oodles of street art and sculpture.

Tip of the day: walk with all your senses.

9 thoughts on “Day 22 Via Francigena, Avenza to Pietrasanta, 31km

  1. Incredible artworks – what an amazing town to stumble upon (no pun intended). You keep sending me off on mini-fact finding missions, which is actually a joy. I must say I would also have been tempted to sidetrack to the sea though! 🙂


    1. I am glad I am being of use! Happy to distract you anytime! Have had a lovely day in Lucca. You need to check it out too – Puccini’s home town. X


  2. Pietrasanta looks lovely! 🙂 🙂 I was quite fascinated by some of the marble quarries in the Portuguese Alentejo too.


    1. Pietrasanta was only small, but they certainly punch above their weight on the art and design scene. You may have noticed I have a thing for street art!

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    1. Thanks for the link. Day 30 done and dusted!


  3. I love that you mentioned some of the smells during your walks. Your tip of the day is my mantra whenever I’m out for a walk.


    1. Lovely to hear from you! Sometimes the smells aren’t all that appeal, but it all adds to the day.

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