A street scene in Lucca Italy

Lucca, Italy – not to be missed

The rain came down in solid sheets of ice cold water.

The thunder and lightning cracked overhead and then the hail started to pelt sideways. None of this slowed the careening Italian traffic.

I cowered in a shop’s narrow doorway and realised I wasn’t walking into Lucca today!

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The Italian Via Francigena – Scenery and Stages

It’s all systems go as I count down for my next long distance walk. This time stepping out on the Italian leg of the Via Francigena.

If I was really committed (or should that be, “I should be committed”!) I would start at the very beginning of the Via Francigena with my first steps from Canterbury Cathedral in England. But No, I will have to be satisfied with a simple Italian stroll instead. Continue reading “The Italian Via Francigena – Scenery and Stages”