A Doorway to Rajasthan, India

Doorway framing a scene of the Taj Mahal, India
Doorway to Taj Mahal, India

What is it about a door that so captures my imagination?


Why do doors seem to have so much personality for an inanimate object?


Is it just me? Or do doors and doorways catch your eye too?

The Rajasthan area of India is so culturally rich and historic that I could indulge my love of doors and doorways without end.

Doorways framed magnificent views.

Doors spoke to me of hard climatic conditions.

They hid inner courtyards and the secrets of family life.

I imagined armies trooping through their archways.

I imagined children sneaking through to play in forbidden gardens.

I imagined tired servants using their remaining energy to heave the doors closed at the end of another arduous day.

The chipped and peeling paint spoke to me of the beating sun and the harsh Winter winds.

The locks and bolts suggested marauding armies and charging elephants making yet another unsuccessful assault on the fort.

Maybe my imagination is as colourful as India and I should focus on the far more ‘normal’ and famous tourism highlights.

Or maybe not…

My ‘thing’ is for doors. What’s yours?

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5 thoughts on “A Doorway to Rajasthan, India

  1. Good question! I’m very partial to shimmering water and to reflections, but I’m more than happy with your doors. Fabulous story tellers, all 🙂 🙂

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    1. True, you can’t beat a good mirror image of mountains etc. Nature is just so clever….with Man a close second! Thanks, Mel

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    1. Thanks – very happy memories to go with it…


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