Blog Chat…10 Questions for Stubbs at Stubbs Rambles On

Blogging feels like one big interconnected community and, as well as being a weekly blogger myself, I enjoy following other bloggers, reading their words and understanding their issues and journey.

Not all of the blogs I follow are travel blogs, but many of them are and each has their own unique ‘voice’ and take on what they are seeing and experiencing.

Here is the next instalment introducing you to some of my favourite blogs and sharing some of their blogging wisdom…


A smiling woman dressed in winter hiking clothes

Introducing:            Stubbs

Blog:                           Stubbs Rambles On – Backpacking Adventures in Travel & Trail


Blog theme/topic:     Stubbs is a long distance hiker and traveller based in the USA. Currently she has the Appalachian Trail, Arizona Trail and Pinhoti Trail under her hip belt. As well as cross-country hiking, Stubbs shares stories from road tripping across North America, traveling throughout South and Southeast Asia, and shares advice both on and off the trail.

No. of Followers:      not shown on site

No. of hits:                 not shown on site

Started blogging in: around 2013

How Often They Post: trip dependent, then daily posts as the path and adventure unravels.

American forest and lake
Some of the beautiful landscape Stubbs walks through

The Burning Questions

  1. Way back when you started your blog, what was your motivation or inspiration?

I started writing on “Appalachian Trails” (now called “The Trek”) as an outlet to help with my depression after I was forced off of the Appalachian Trail due to a fractured pelvis. I never considered writing a hobby, but enjoyed it so much I decided to start my own blog

  1. Over time, has that changed?

No, I still write for enjoyment.

  1. In your opinion, what are the most enjoyable/best things about blogging?

Sharing my experiences and receiving feedback. Some people encourage, others ask questions, and a few may share things that bother them. Regardless of the feedback, I like to hear from readers.

  1. American forest in the fog
    Stepping it out in the fog…

    What do you find the most challenging?

Time management. I like to live in the moment, so I find it tricky to find time to write without it interfering with my hikes or travels.

  1. Why do you think people follow your blog? What do they get out of it? How do they respond?

People who enjoy reading about adventures from the safety of their home, I suppose. From what I gather, it’s the same gratification you get from reading a memoir. As far as responses, I mostly get positive feedback from people. They share their experiences or their desire to fulfil similar ventures.

  1. What bloggers do you admire? And why?

I hate to say it, but I don’t really have any. I stay pretty busy and I mostly base my reading off of the trail or destination I’m planning on conquering next.

  1. Views across rocky mountains and blue skies in the USA
    More gorgeous views across the USA

    Has blogging opened up any doors or provided any unusual opportunities for you?

Not really, but I did get an e-mail from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and did a guest post for them.

  1. What do you think is the recipe for a good blog post?
  • Keep it short, which is something I’m absolutely terrible at.
  • Keep it real. Don’t leave out the embarrassing or shameful moments. We all have them and it’s more relatable.
  • And always include pictures.
  1. What has been your favourite trip or blog topic?

It’s too tough to say. I guess fun trail advice would be one.

  1. If you started all over again, what would you do differently? Any advice for the beginners?
  • I would have started my own off the bat instead of through another site. Although doing so encouraged me to be more confident in my writing.
  • I’m no pro, so I don’t have any advice, really.
  • Just keep putting out content that you would like to read. I enjoy memoirs and comedy, so that’s the style I go for.

My Thoughts/Comments on this Blog:

  • Stubbs is a passionate hiker and her adventures and trails are truly inspiring.
  • If you love armchair travel or have your own cross-America hiking aspirations, then Stubbs’ blog gives you a realistic insight into what to expect along the way. She doesn’t gloss over the tough days or incredibly steep climbs, but she remains super-positive all the same. That’s where the passion kicks in!
  • Her writing style is totally conversational and informal, and sometimes the language can get a little colourful. After some of the distances and terrains she has walked, I think my language would get a bit colourful too!
  • Read this blog for views of remote American back woods, five-star hiking trails, a how-to on specific long distance hikes, all accompanied by beautiful photos and quite a few laughs.
Its Impossible motivational statement
With thanks to the WWW for this little gem

3 thoughts on “Blog Chat…10 Questions for Stubbs at Stubbs Rambles On

  1. Thanks again for reaching out and taking an interest. I love hearing from fellow adventurers like yourself, and from anyone thinking about taking “the leap”! It’s very much appreciated! You’re awesome! 🤘

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      1. Aww shucks! Thanks! haha!


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