What do you think?

Lost in Space Image featuring the robot and Will Robinson
Watch out Will Robinson! Source: Pinterest

Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson! (For all the Lost in Space fans out there.)

Navel gazing post ahead!

March 2020 will see me celebrating, perhaps acknowledging is a more appropriate word, my four year blog anniversary and it’s time for a little reflection, and hopefully some interaction/feedback from your good selves.

It has been an interesting journey across the page, across the years.

A close up photo of a hand holding a pen and writing on a pageI have:

  • Struggled to find my voice as a travel blogger
  • Struggled to find the time to commit pen to paper, and
  • Constantly struggle with niggling self-doubt that what I write has any sort of value.

On the flipside, I:

  • Believe this writing gig has been very good for my brain, stretching my vocabulary and forcing me think more analytically about what I am seeing and what I am saying.
  • Have made some good ‘friends’ with likeminded souls I have never met. These friends include fellow travel bloggers sharing their amazing adventures and perspectives, and interested readers specialising in armchair travel who provide unending support along the way.

365 opportunities every yearI know I haven’t nailed every blog post. Sometimes the words just refuse to flow from brain to pen and I then wonder whether this writing malarkey is the best use of my time. But I am committed to turning up to the page and I know I just have to keep trying to do my best on any given day.

So, in the spirit of this navel gazing phase I am wallowing in, it is time to turn it over to you all. I really do want to become a better writer and to share destinations, topics and memories that resonate with you.

The Comments section below has always been your place and space to share your thoughts on what I am writing, and now I would appreciate it more than ever.

A pretend womb contains an aeroplaneWould you please take a few moments to let me know:

  • What has been your favourite topic or post?
  • What topic should I change or skip completely?
  • What would you like me to write more about?
  • Shorter posts vs longer posts?
  • Is there something you would like me to share in a different way? More photos, less words?
  • Is there something new you would like me to write about?
  • A specific topic to research on your behalf?
  • A product to review?
  • Or visit somewhere new? (Oops, that rhymes)

I would really like to understand where your passions lie (remembering this is a Family show) rather than me just rabbiting on about mine.

So, it’s over to you folks…

Light up the Comments section below with your wisdom and constructive feedback. I am a Big Girl, I can take it.

And most importantly, thanks for reading, liking, sharing, commenting, following and traveling along with me. You are great traveling companions!

 Fire away!

Two cartoon people with flowers growing out of their head

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8 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. I love everything you post and you are a great writer. If it totally sucked, we wouldn’t be blogging friends!! And btw, blogging is not always about us. It’s about what makes you feel good inside. I don’t love writing, but it is my way of capturing a trip. My memory sucks so it’s fun to relive certain vacations and moments. I hope the post resonates with people, but that’s a bonus for me if it does. I also like to reflect on accomplishments so I dont always have a drive to do more and more and more. Hope that makes sense 💕. I’ll do some more “critical” thinking over the weekend. Till then, hugs.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback. It is much appreciated. I agree that one of the best things about blogging is when you write something and it really resonates with the reader and they respond sharing their own experience. It is almost like you have found your tribe! Even if they are scattered across the World! Happy traveling and writing, Mellx

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  2. You are so generous. I’m afraid I’m a selfish writer. I’m either going to write what moves me, or I’m not going to write. For me, though, that’s probably how I tap into my best writing. I hear you, though, I’ve got some posts out there that not so great. Sometimes it just won’t come, but you press publish anyway. I try to remind myself that even Bill Bryson has a range of books from AMAZING to just ok.

    I certainly don’t want to tell you what to write, but I’ve always remembered you writing to me in a comment about how there were kangaroos hanging around your back fence wanting to get into your yard to eat your grass. That image really stayed with me – I was fascinated by that. I even told the husband about it. I would love to hear about your everyday encounters with kangaroos. That’s fascinating for me as someone who’s never been to Australia.

    Happy bloggiversary, by the way! Congrats!

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    1. That is great feedback! Many thanks. Sometimes I forget to look at what is right under my nose. This morning out on an early training walk, it was a possum. I don’t think it appreciated my bright headlamp! Will do my best to corner some kangaroos. Happy writing, Mel

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  3. I am very new to blogging and get really excited when a reader just acknowledges a visit to my blog because it means they have looked at the photos published alongside.For me what attracts me is a photograph or a place I have visited or want to visit .


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