Light to Light Walk, Eden NSW – Day 2

After such an enjoyable day yesterday, we were all busting to get back out onto the trail.

A few walkers were a bit bleary after losing an hour’s sleep due to Daylight Saving and a little too much liquid socialising the previous evening, but it was all manageable and you can always rely on refreshing sea breezes and breath-taking views to cure any headache.

It’s time to wander along Day 2 of the Light to Light Walk…

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Light to Light Walk, Eden NSW – Day 1

The rain had eased to a few light sprinkles and the sun was doing its best to peek through the clouds. The grey start to the day didn’t worry us in the slightest as we knew we were about to start something very special.

Grab your hat and lace up your walking shoes, it’s time to head out on Day 1 of the Light to Light Walk.

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The Nuts & Bolts of the Light to Light Walk, Eden NSW

Despite what you may be thinking, I do actually work for a living, but when the opportunity arises to head out into the glorious Australian bush, I simply can’t resist. Even better when the walk delivers ocean views, Spring blooms and whale sightings.

Here are the Nuts and Bolts of the Light to Light Walk on the far South coast of New South Wales. It is a cracker!

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