The Nuts & Bolts of the Light to Light Walk, Eden NSW

Despite what you may be thinking, I do actually work for a living, but when the opportunity arises to head out into the glorious Australian bush, I simply can’t resist. Even better when the walk delivers ocean views, Spring blooms and whale sightings.

Here are the Nuts and Bolts of the Light to Light Walk on the far South coast of New South Wales. It is a cracker!

Boyd Tower, Beowa National Park, Eden NSW
Boyd Tower, Beowa National Park, Eden NSW

What is the Light to Light Walk?

The Light to Light Walk connects Boyd Tower in the North with Green Cape Lighthouse in the South through the Ben Boyd National Park. (If you are searching for it online, the park has only recently changed its name to the more appropriate, Beowa National Park.)

Apparently the privately-built Boyd Tower never received approval to act as an actual lighthouse and operated as a whale-spotting tower instead. Once upon a time, Eden’s economy was based on a huge whaling industry, hunting the whales as they migrated both North and South. It is fascinating to learn all about this history at the Eden Killer Whale Museum, although thankfully the industry is long gone and was a long time ago.

How Far Is It?

The walk follows a path that is 29-30km (depending on which sign you believe) long. If you are keen you could do this in one big day or break it into a number of stages:

  • Boyd Tower to Saltwater Creek – 13km
  • Saltwater Creek to Bittangabee Bay – 9km
  • Bittangabee Bay to Green Cape Lighthouse – 7km

To complete this walk in stages, you would need to do a car shuffle, arrange pick-up/drop-off shuttle services or be prepared to camp.

How to Walk the Light to Light?

Like the Three Capes Track, there are a number of ways to walk this path:

  1. Independent: Other than the logistics of getting to the start and away from the end, you could easily walk this route independently (making sure you are well-prepared for a day out in the Aussie bush) – either camping or as a thru-walk.
  2. Guided: A number of companies offer fully guided or supported walks. Prices start from $1,300 for a guided walk with Sapphire Coast Guiding Co staying at the Lighthouse Keepers quarters. They also have a camping option.
  3. Huts (Planned): A proposal is on the drawing board to construct eco-huts and walking infrastructure similar to the Three Capes Track in Tasmania. The proposal is attracting a similar amount of controversy due to environmental impacts of construction and diversion of paths, and the perception of privatisation of a public asset. Due to pressures on our State budget and unpredictable weather, I suspect it will be a number of years until the huts etc are completed. Watch this space.
Pea-like flower, Beowa National Park, Eden NSW
A pea-like climber.

When to Go?

This walk would be stunning at any time of the year and each season would deliver a completely different experience. Spring is heavenly with a profusion of native blooms. I would recommend avoiding Summer when it is hot and the chances of bushfire and snakes, dramatically increases. Ticks and leeches are a hazard of this path and I am not sure if they are more prolific in one season or another.

The Path & Terrain

This walk is very doable for anyone with a medium level of fitness. Yes, there are a couple of short, but steep climbs and descents, but otherwise the path gently undulates across ridgetops that slope gradually down to the sea.

The path underfoot is pretty good dirt although can be very overgrown and thick bushes encroach. There are short sections of boardwalks and some steps.

Where to Stay?

Depending on how you decide to walk the path, you could shuttle back into Eden for a motel bed or stay at Wonboyn Lake Resort which is closer by. Campsites are available at Saltwater Creek and Bittangabee Bay and these need to be booked with National Parks & Wildlife (NPWS). They also manage the Lighthouse Keeper’s Quarters at Green Cape if you fancy a bit more comfort and a unique experience.

What to Take?

As per usual when walking in Australia, pack a hat, sunscreen and water bottle. Tank water is available at most campsites and NPWS recommend you treat the water before drinking. I also recommend you pack bug spray to keep ticks etc away and something to remove ticks if you are unlucky enough to attract one. Consider wearing trousers and a long sleeve shirt to act as a further deterrent. I don’t mean to alarm you about this, just be prepared.

Who Is It For?

This path is for anyone with a desire to experience the Australian bush and coastline at its finest. Both terrain and the path in general, are very doable by walkers of all ages and abilities. You do need some awareness of the Great Outdoors and some basic navigation skills as, at times, the path is not well-signposted or becomes completely overgrown. Maybe the track maintenance will have improved by the time you visit.

What Else is There to See?

You could easily spend a couple of happy days exploring the broader Eden region. It is an incredibly beautiful area with a fascinating maritime history. It is also a hub of boutique and fresh produce including oysters and various distilleries and breweries.

Getting There/Getting Away

Eden is a LONG way from Sydney – around 6.5hrs drive southwards. You could fly into Merimbula, but would need to time that to coincide with the public bus service or pick up a hire car, taxi etc.

Boyd Tower, on the northern end of the Light to Light walk, is a further 36km south of Eden. Various companies provide shuttle services and you could try Light to Light Transfers. Their prices start from $200 for four people. Or if there is a group of you walking with multiple vehicles, park a car at either end.

Why Do It?

Water views, birdlife, wildflowers, whales and a whole bunch of joyful footsteps.

Stay tuned for a more detailed review of each of the stages…


  • Light to Light Walk – read more about it – HERE
  • Eden Tourism – find out more about this region – HERE
Coastal views, Beowa National Park, Eden NSW
I just can’t get enough of these views…

** Please note: I do not receive any commission from businesses mentioned in this post. They are just suggestions for you to start your research.

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28 thoughts on “The Nuts & Bolts of the Light to Light Walk, Eden NSW

  1. Hi. At what point in your life did you get into hiking?

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    1. I am a relatively late bloomer only starting long distance walking with my first camino in Spain in 2013. I am making up for lost time though. 🙂

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  2. What do they say about ‘play hard and work hard’ … that’s you it seems 😄. Bush and coastline views in one go – sounds great! Looking forward to read about your hike on this one!

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  3. Once a jolly swagman….something something billabong… Another lovely coast to explore, Mel.

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    1. No coolabah trees here to camp under! 🙂


  4. Wow I love the rugged red cliff picture! That’s enough for me to drive 6 hours to a hike! Maggie

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    1. Happy to join you on this trail if you are tempted! 🙂

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  5. Watched a YouTube video of a couple of blokes doing this walk. It’s definitely on my list for when I might be in the neighbourhood.

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    1. Let me know and I will join you. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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    1. Well, when you are in a Year of Yes, you just have to keep going. 🙂

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  6. Sounds fun and a part of Australia I am not familiar with, keen to see the flora on this route too,

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    1. You would be beside yourself with all the Spring blooms. One of those walks when I wished I carried a big zoom camera.


  7. Enjoying reading about your adventures. Keep them coming!

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  8. Looks absolutely beautiful as always Mel, and much better weather this time 🙂

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    1. This was an absolutely faultless trip! Life is good.


  9. We will be in Eden very soon, will definitely consider doing this walk! Thanks for the info ☺️

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    1. My pleasure. It really is a stunning stroll.


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