Girl Power and the World of Walking!

Remember herWhy is it that as we age, our sense of adventure often dims, and our expectations of what we can achieve, or what is appropriate behaviour, changes?

Thankfully I think society now views 50 as the new 30 and 60 as the new 40, so the only limitations we are controlled, or driven by, are the ones we place on ourselves.

I am equally thankful to the many women out there who provide shining examples of making the most of every opportunity and living their lives at they choose – regardless of their age. And all it takes is the decision to step out your front door.

In this post I will share some of my favorite blogs that encourage me to travel, either in person or in my dreams. They are all written by women of various ages, with various levels of experience and seriousness i.e. as a business venture. Each blog contains excellent information, stunning photos and loads of inspiration.

If you have ever wondered if you could set yourself a goal, and then strive to achieve it, then the blogs below will certainly boost your confidence. A word of caution though. I take NO responsibility for you being carried away with wanderlust, or losing valuable work time trapped in day dreams!

Solid preparation for the Camino Portuguese

Following The Arrows:

Kat strikes me as a woman whose passion has created a nice little earner for her, or at least a solid support for her next adventure. Her blog is incredibly useful for anyone planning to walk:

  • Caminos in France, Spain and Portugal
  • The Pacific Crest Trail, on the west coast of USA
  • Shikoku 88 Temples, Japan
  • Hadrian’s Wall and Coast-to-Coast, England
  • Plus a huge range of walking and packing related information.

In most of her posts, she describes distances, terrain and each post is accompanied by fabulous photos. I really enjoyed following her along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and while it made me dream of walking those 4265km too, I have this unreasonable need for a bed and shower of some sort at the end of each walking day. Not many of those on the PCT I imagine.

DSCF5179.JPGLots A Fresh Air:

Caro is a fresh air fanatic! Like many of us, she wasn’t raised with a great passion for walking and hiking, but once discovered, she never looked back. Caro’s blog is probably the most technical of those featured here, with all the latest gear, tips and tricks, however she communicates in such an easy, non-techie way, it is almost like learning by stealth! Her blog covers topics such as:

  • How to choose the best hiking shoes.
  • How to navigate with a map and compass.
  • Five ideas for dehydrated meals,
  • And many more outdoor topics.

Trepidatious Traveller:

DSCF5144Maggie is an English lady of a certain age (I hope she won’t be offended by that description), who lives permanently in southern Spain. Not only is she a lover of all things Spanish, she is a walking machine!

Her blog is a fantastic resource to research the whole range of caminos. Her most recent walk was a combination of the Camino Madrid, the Salvador, the Primitivo and finishing with a walk out to Finisterre (finis = end, terre = earth) on the Spanish coastline. 940km over 35 days.

The Trepidatious Traveller blog is a excellent combination of solid data/facts about distances, elevations, conditions, and where to stay etc, plus its a really nice read. A rare mix.

Walking Two by Two:

Closer to home are Michelle and Mark from Walking Two by Two. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Michelle and her husband cover a vast range of walks, both in Australia and around the world.

Spectacular views on the coast of Portugal.

Michelle’s latest walk was the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia, around 1000 km from Kalamunda (a suburb on the outskirts of Perth) to Albany on the south coast of Western Australia. It took her 53 days to walk the Track and she camped out along the way, although apparently there are companies that will pick you up and drop you back to the trail if you prefer a proper bed/shower/meal each night.

Michelle and Mark have walked extensively throughout Europe, and not just the popular routes such as the various caminos. Check out their tips and tricks about how to select the best backpack and footwear, or stroll with them in Norway.

Walks Melbourne:

Don’t be fooled by the blog title. This blog contains more than genteel strolls around the coffee shops and boutiques of Melbourne. Julie has introduced me to the idea of walking in remote parts of South America. I am not sure why I haven’t considered it before, but that location hasn’t been on my radar…until now. Icebergs, glaciers and fields of flowers all add to the enticement.

Time for some new socks…

Julie’s blogs are a terrific mix of factual information, evocative descriptions and gorgeous photos. If Patagonia doesn’t appeal, then perhaps her insider’s knowledge of Melbourne will be more to your liking.

I believe the best thing about all these blogs is the blending of personal experience and the factual. While these bloggers do wax lyrical at times, they are also out there ‘doing it’, so there is a healthy dose of reality included. Not every day is sunshine and roses, and yes, sometimes there are endless mongrel uphills to be endured…and it rains.

Another reason to love these blogs is that, in some small way, it proves I am not the only crazy person in the World. There are plenty of women out there blazing a trail or treading lightly through the world.

How wonderful it is, rather than standing on the shoulders of these giants, to walk in their footsteps instead.

Who inspires you?

The Basics

DSCF5015.JPGWhat: For more adventure inspiration, check out Travel Play Live. A community of adventurous women of all abilities and interests.

Where: Go where your heart desires.

When: Anytime! Consider the weather though. What will conditions be like? Too hot? Too cold? Too wet?

Why: To travel slowly and to savour every moment.

Who: No age limit.

Related Posts: For some of my own walking suggestions, as well as Nuts and Bolts planning information, have a look at:

Related Blogs: If you are not ready to step out on your own, then consider walking with a group of supportive women. Big Heart Adventures specialise in organised and guided walks for women.

Read About It: For a hilarious read about the trials and tribulations of walking the Camino Frances, check out The Year We Seized the Day by Elizabeth Best and Colin Bowles,  on Book Depository.

14 thoughts on “Girl Power and the World of Walking!

  1. Thanks Mel for including me in that inspiring list. I already follow Kat on her travels and will definitely take a look at the other bogs you feature. And absolutely no offence taken by your kind description!


    1. Hi Maggie. The other bloggers are all Aussies – so not quite your neck of the woods – but I am sure you will find some great European strolls in there too. So where is your next walk? You have been home long enough to start getting itchy feet again! 😉 Melx


      1. Plans are forming…I shall write about them soon.


        1. Woo Hoo! Can’t wait to hear about the next adventure!


  2. Reblogged this on Best Shape of My Life and commented:
    Beautiful sentiments, agree with embracing life with child-like wonder! Also a beautiful tribute empowering other women who share the spirit of adventure 🤸🏼‍♀️ Great post!!!


    1. Thanks so much for sharing the adventure-love! There are so many inspiring women out there who, with low fuss and no drama, just go out and do what they want to do! More power to them! Have a great day, Mel


  3. Thanks, there are some great websites here! I love stories of women of a certain age getting out there. Fifty is definitely only the beginning : )


    1. I agree! So much active living yet to be done! Thanks for commenting and following. Mel

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much Bethany. There are so many amazing women out there who inspire me every day. Thanks for following. Mel


      2. If you would like to you could have a look at my page
        You absolutely don’t have to. There’s no commercial angle or anything. It’s purely for a conversation and to make a few of us feel less invisible and may inspired a little bit. It spun of a FB page. I really only created it for my friends who are not on FB.

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  4. I love this list. Thank you for strengthening the web of support with a single post!


  5. Hi there,
    Thank you for sharing your adventures!
    It really helpful and leads my heart to the amazing adventures.
    Plannin VF for April 2019.
    Lucca to Rome.
    My heart is there already …….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure! Happy walking and enjoy Lucca. It is wonderful starting point. Take care, Mel


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