Day 4 Via Francigena, Verres to Pont Saint Martin, 19km

Date: Saturday 11 August
Distance covered to Rome: 104.1/1027km
Terrain: mostly flat and damn enjoyable
Overnight: Ostello Communale, €15.
Feeling: stiff and sore, but generally a happy camper

Yay! Light at the end of the tunnel or at least some flat terrain at last.

I left the ostello early again as I was wide awake at a ridiculous hour. There were about 15 other pilgrims at the ostello last night, mostly French and Italian. I didn’t see any of them during the day as they seem to keep more European hours (eat late, sleep late) than me.

It was very pleasant walking following the river through pretty stone villages and over bridges. The directional signage was very good and even better, there were lots of other signs explaining the historic sites AND they were in English. I love to learn as I walk rather than just saying ‘oh, that’s pretty’.

It was wonderful to see the original Roman road and arch as I walked into Donnas. I am continually amazed that something so old could still be standing.

Pont Saint Martin was jumping when I walked into the town centre. I had forgotten it was Saturday, plus Summer holidays, plus market day. I always feel incredibly self-conscious when I have to mix with the general public. I am hot, sweaty and grubby, and of course, everyone else is the height of fashion!

I found a bakery, pastries, and a quiet corner to work out where I was in the town in relation to the tonight’s ostello. What did we do before Google maps? A really excellent ostello in this town and I had the luxury of a room to myself.

I am yet to get into the local food and restaurants, perhaps that will come when I meet up with a few other walkers. In the meantime I am becoming expert at the supermarkets with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, salami and bread.

Tip of the day: stop and read all the signs. It looks like you are really interested and culturally-aware, but you are actually catching your breath!

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10 thoughts on “Day 4 Via Francigena, Verres to Pont Saint Martin, 19km

  1. Relieved that you have some respite from the previous tough grind; I really felt for you – from the comfort of my armchair 🙂 I hope you get chance to sample the local vino to go with the bread and salami, or at least treat yourself when you venture into a local restaurant.


    1. Each day gets that little bit better. No doubting will find my groove soon!


  2. Hooray! Got one! The scenery looks beautiful, and I’m just so darn glad it got easier at last. 🙂 🙂


  3. Wow the photos are amazing Mel. And yes please keep reading the signs!!!!


  4. I love the old Roman paths – a bit difficult to walk on sometimes – but like you, I’m always amazed that they’re still there after all these centuries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If only those Romans knew who would be walking in their footsteps 1000s of years into the future…they would never have believed it!

      Liked by 1 person

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